Feel good knowing the foods you feed your family are made with the best decisions available to farms.

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When you spot the newly minted Pristine Ingredients seal in the grocery store, you know that the least amount of chemical was used in the making of your food.

As the global population increases, food producers play an ever-important role. Nutrition labels declaring production methods will allow more flexibility of choice and transparency for what goes into your food. While the content and quantity of chemicals used in agriculture have been an ongoing discussion for years, no identifiable solution has been specifically declared that fills the gap between organic and conventional production.

The ‘Pristine Ingredients’ food label is that solution. This seal guarantees crops were produced using the least required chemical input to grow produce without compromising quality and yield to meet global food needs. A process tracked from farm production to manufacturing and onto the shelves in your local grocery stores.


Protein Industries Canada in collaboration with Precision AISure Growth Solutions Inc.Exceed Grain Marketing, and the Global Institute for Food Security has developed artificially intelligent technology to be used in the production of quality, sustainably grown foods. This technology focuses on reducing the use of chemicals by detecting and targeting weeds during spraying, and consequently lowering production costs without sacrificing crop yields. The result is commodity crops like wheat, canola, lentils, or peas, to name a few, that are grown with less chemical residual. 

Commodities produced and traced on farms using these chemical reduction methods are known as Pristine Ingredients, carrying a seal of approval developed through the project’s partners. While the technology is developed with the needs of the Canadian market and farmers at the forefront, the global benefit of Pristine Ingredients will elevate the quality of Canada’s supply of agri-foods in international trade, lowering maximum residue limits (MRLs).


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